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Should Republicans Pray For Rain In Va?

Tomorrow, the national forecast, particularly in battleground states, looks overall to be pretty nice--sunny in Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, and Ohio--which should bode well for Obama and other Democrats.

But one forecast should be troubling for the Dems. has predicted that Virginia, where Obama is currently up by 4.3, is going to get a lot of rain all over the state tomorrow. Prince William County, which is home to Manassas and Quantico Marine Base, could prove a "critical county" according to Politico; a George Mason professor described the county as where "old Virginia meets new Virginia." While Obama is currently up by eight points as of October 17, Virginia GOP Chair M. Frederick confirmed the county's importance in an October 15 press release: "Prince William is the key to Senator McCain winning Virginia, and his visit here will only reinforce that Prince William is McCain country." Well it may be his lucky day tomorrow. There's a 70 percent chance of rain in Manassas and the precipitation average for November is 3.1 inches, which could be a big deterrent for possible voters.

Prince William County is not alone in the grim forecasts. It's also supposed to rain in Loudon County, where Obama campaigned as recently as last week, and of which Ben Adler wrote in The Atlantic, "If Barack Obama wins Loudon County, he will all but certainly win Virginia's thirteen Electoral College votes."

So in the final day before election, should Republicans be praying for rain? Maybe they already have been. Last week Palin told the crowd on a chilly evening in Salem, VA, "And Virginia, by the way, this is so beautiful out here tonight and I love the weather...." 

--Amanda Silverman