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Barack & Me

Time's Richard Corliss has an election-eve Q&A with Michael Moore. There's no shortage of rampant egotism, to wit:

Corliss: In 2004 you traveled to 62 campuses in 45 days in support of the Democratic presidential ticket. What did you do this weekend?

Moore: Sat back and watched the fruits of all my work over these eight long years possibly come true this Tuesday. 

But more interesting are Moore's (and, presumably, other lefties') expectations for an Obama presidency. Here are a couple of relevant quotes from Moore:

Personally, the opportunity to vote for someone like Barack Obama will be one of the greatest things I will have done in my life. The Republicans aren't kidding when they say he's the "most liberal" senator in the Senate. When have we ever had the chance to vote for the "most liberal" of anything? 


As for the things Obama has said that I don't agree with — like expanding the war in Afghanistan and creating a health care system that is not single-payer — well, on these points I'm hoping he's a politician. Politicians never keep all their promises. So those are two I'm hoping he'll break! 

Moore, of course, campaigned for Nader in 2000 on the grounds that Bush and Gore were "the same damn person." I realize we still need to settle this little matter of the '08 election, but why do I already have a sinking feeling that Moore's going to be stumping for a third-party spoiler--and against Obama--in 2012?

--Jason Zengerle