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What's Michael Dukakis Doing Today?

We asked a few politicos if they have any Election Day rituals or superstitions that they adhere to. Former Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis didn’t so much answer that question. But he wrote this, which is super endearing.
Kitty and I vote early--we arrived at our polling place at 6:40 this morning, and the lines were already so long that we didn't emerge until an hour later. But going to the polls with your neighbors is a special privilege in a democracy, and we enjoy doing it, particularly among people without whom I would never have been elected dogcatcher, let alone governor three times. Kitty is now campaigning for Obama in New Hampshire. I teach graduate students on Tuesdays here at Northeastern, so I will be preparing for my graduate class all day. We will be hitting the Democratic headquarters this evening.

--Marin Cogan