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"landslide Victory" For Obama!

In Kenyan mock election, says the country's Standard newspaper. Though not without some controversy:

Mr James Owino, who voted for McCain, said he was happy that his candidate had fans despite overwhelming support for Obama.

"Many McCain supporters did not turn out to vote," he said.

But the exercise organised by  'Big Time Comedians' did not end without drama.

The vote counting was interrupted after some of the voters accused Oyange of plotting to rig the polls in favur of McCain.

Trouble started after Obama supporters threatened to beat up Oyange who had stopped the exercise to answer a telephone call.

The angry Obama supporters shouted: "You want to rig. Why are you talking to McCain?"

Some grabbed Oyange and attempted to snatch his phone before he interrupted the telephone call and proceeded with the vote counting.

 In all seriousness, though, the foreign media will be fascinating to watch over the next 24 hours.

--Michael Crowley