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Election Day Round-up

We've got a ton of blog coverage of today's goings-on thus far. Long lines, election day rituals, and Michael Moore's egotism. Throughout the day, we'll periodically round-up all our election coverage for your easy viewing.


Dave Jamieson goes to the Election Protection unit and discovers some scary suppression tactics, especially in Virginia.

Nate Silver predicts: Obama wins decisively. He also warns us to ignore exit polls at all costs.

Michael Schaffer finds out that locals are afraid of tonight's celebrations in Philly. He also considers the role of street money

Jason Zengerle thinks a bin Laden tape might have actually helped Obama.

Marin Cogan talks to Michael Dukakis about his election day rituals.

Eric Zimmermann talks to Grover Norquist about the same.

Commenter "Rhubarbs" gives us a snapshot of the lines in Fairfax, VA.


Noam Scheiber wonders why Bin Laden didn't cut a tape this year and talks about his years on the road with Obama.

Michael Crowley explains how the Redskins win could be a good omen for Obama. He also reports that Obama has won by a landslide--at least in a Kenyan mock election.

Eve Fairbanks is a little freaked out by Glenn Beck's election day paranoia.

--Eric Zimmermann