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Shenanigans 'r' Us

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Herewith a partial accounting of (unsubstantiated) chaos at the polls, as reported by callers to legal volunteers here at Election Protection headquarters:

St. Louis, MO: Voters are being offered $100 to leave the line and abstain from voting.

Warsaw, VA: The lights are out at the precinct and poll workers are using flashlights.

Aurora, CO: "Soiled ballots."

West Orange, NJ: The voting machine broke. Poll workers have paper ballots, but no pencils. Oops.

Market Street, Philadelphia: Voters are cutting in line; poll workers are threatening to shut down the precinct.

Largo, FL: Voters are being booted from line for wearing partisan clothing.

Manassas, VA: A woman is told she has to choose between local and national elections--a volunteer insists she can't vote in both.

Hamilton County, OH: When a scanner broke, the ballots were placed in an envelope and sent downtown. Voters were told the ballots would be counted "tonight or tomorrow."

More from Philadelphia: Partisan volunteers are escorting voters into the booth.

Ingham County, MI: The A-K line is moving slower than the L-Z line.

Pittsburgh, PA: Machines are down, down, down!

Bartow County, GA: Only Republicans are on some ballots; Democrats have to be written in. Also, the booths face open to the line, so your neighbors can see who you're voting for.

Baltimore: Voting machines are stuck in "audio" mode. Elderly woman reports "mass confusion."

Alabama: "Nails were thrown in front of the polling places."

--Dave Jamieson