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What's Larry Sabato Doing Today?

We asked a few politicos if they have any Election Day rituals or superstitions that they adhere to. Here's Larry Sabato, political analyst and director of the UVA Center for Politics.

I refuse to return any telephone calls asking me what I’ve heard about turnout. I refuse to watch any news shows because they distort what’s actually going on. I learned that there’s no such thing as light or medium turnout--turnout is always massive and heavy, it just so happens that this year it is, but every single time they always say it’s going to be. I actually clear out my mind and get rid of all the media on Election Day. So many things you hear are phony. I refuse to look at the exit poll data; I want to see the real vote. I’ve already done all my studies and absorbed everything that I want to know--I look at the returns.

--Suzy Khimm