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Election Day Roundup, Ii

For convenience's sake, we're going to roundup our blog coverage throughout the day so that nothing slips through the cracks. Check out our last roundup here. Here's round 2:


Jonathan Cohn thinks Ohio's Clinton country is going for Obama. He also found the living link between FDR and Obama.

Dave Jamieson unearths the miscellaneous shenanigans taking place at polling places around the country.  

Michael Schaffer on Philly's ridiculously colorful polling places.

Seyward Darby on the first shots of the election day wars.

Max Fisher asks Matt Bai for his favorite articles of the cycle.

Jason Zengerle thinks fears of Black Panther intimidation are overblown.

Christopher Orr spots some pre-emptive Palin 2012 musings.


Michael Crowley on a potential GOTV glitch for Obama.

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