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One Word Is One Too Many

Presidential candidate clinical narcissist Ralph Nader hosted a press conference today in which he offered only single-word responses to questions in order to protest sound-bite politics. (Yes, Ralph, you really are too good for this world.) He skipped his usual Tweedledee-Tweedledum metaphor, but did have this to say about the Democratic nominee:

While he predicted a "landslide," for Obama, he reserved his harshest words for the Democrat. Nader said in various ways Obama would disappoint supporters and not do much to change the power structure and status quo in Washington. Asked why the Obama years might not mimic the sweeping changes that marked the FDR presidency, Nader said, "Cowardliness." Asked to elaborate, Nader said, “corporations.” He also called the money raised by Obama to support his campaign, "disgusting."

Next time out perhaps you should refuse to speak altogether, Ralph. That would surely show us.

--Christopher Orr