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Shenanigans ‘r’ Us, Part 2

WASHINGTON, DC--Herewith another accounting of (unsubstantiated) chaos at the polls, as reported by callers to legal volunteers here at Election Protection Headquarters.

Montgomery County, PA: A woman outside the precinct is holding a sign that reads, "Obama promotes the killing of children." Beside the woman is a chair bearing "some sort of fetus." The scene is described as "gross."

Philadelphia, PA: Voting machines now running on backup battery power.

Elk Grove, CA: Voters are getting "error" messages when they cast their computerized votes.

Bucks County, PA: A gas leak has shut down the voting precinct.

Fulton County, GA: Men with "Black Panther insignia" are milling around the precinct.

Salem County, NJ: A woman is arrested for videotaping at the polls and charged with "intimidation." (The voting precinct happens to be the police precinct.)

Palm Beach County, FL: "Nobama" signs outside the polls.

Newport News, VA: Republican Party operatives reportedly taking photos inside the polling precinct.

Riverside County, CA: "Polling volunteers are misbehaving."

Broward County, FL: "They are giving real ballots to people who live in the condos, but giving everyone else a provisional ballot."

More Philly: A voter is troubled by the bibles laid out on the check-in tables.

Brooklyn, NY: A poll worker is screaming at voters.

Mecklenburg County, NC: A citizen allegedly voted twice, just to "check the system."

--Dave Jamieson