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Nc To Go Darker Than Tar Heel Blue?

None of the networks seem to have declared North Carolina for either candidate, but the Raleigh News & Observer is reporting an Obama win by less than 1 percent:

"The 17,000-vote margin in the mountain home [county] of Asheville helped overcome the 5,000-vote lead that John McCain has had in reported votes by the State Board of Elections.
The final numbers would be 49.7 percent for Obama, 49.4 percent for McCain.

The 10,000 vote difference is a little less than the number of write-in votes cast for president and even slimmer than the 0.8 percent win by President George H.W. Bush here in 1992."

The newspaper then reported a few minutes later that the margin is likely closer to 0.7 percent.

While we're waiting it for the CNN tech-crazy anchors to project the state, I'll offer this tidbit: according to my parents, Pitt County, my home in the very conservative eastern part of the state, went 54 percent for Obama, whereas four years ago, it went 53 percent for Bush. It seems anything can happen.

--Seyward Darby