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Morning After Round-up

With so much news flooding in last night and this morning, we've rounded up our election night and morning-after blog coverage for your convenience. From the concession speech  to dancing in the streets, check it all out here.

The Plank

Jonathan Chait looks a look at the stalwart South that refused to turn blue.

Max Fisher digs into the TNR archives to look at the ever-relevant August 2002 piece by John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeria about the "emerging democratic majority."

Jonathan Cohn on McCain's "gracious" concession speech, absent of ideology and partisanship.

Franklin Foer thinks that last night, finally, the Mac was back and began his process of political atonement.

Jason Zengerle on how last night created a "new world" for the next generation.

Franklin Foer explains how it's good to finally have a president again.

Jonathan Cohn thinks that Obama rediscovered his former self, a true American story, last night.

Michael Schaffer literally saw people dancing in the streets.

David Kusnet explains how last night, even though one was conceding and one was celebrating, both Obama and McCain remained gracious and somber.

Christopher Orr on how a Ted Stevens victory could put Palin in the Senate.

 The Stump

Michael Crowley sees Obama's victory as the start to a new "honeymoon abroad, and is reminded of McCain's classy, eloquent side, free from comical facial distortions.

Eve Fairbanks, like Michael Schaffer, now understands the meaning of "block party."

Noam Scheiber dissects McCain's economy meltdown alibi.

 --Amanda Silverman