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Transition Time

Obama's camp has announced who the key staff will be in the transition phase. The effort will be headed up by three co-chairs: Valerie Jarrett, former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta, and Obama's Senate chief of staff Pete Rouse. A 12-person advisory board that includes, among others, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, former secretary of commerce William Daley, Citigroup's Michael Froman, and foreign policy expert Susan Rice, will assist the co-chairs. Two members of that board, Mark Gitenstein and Ted Kaufman, will lead Biden's transition team. A list of other staff and their titles is as follows: 

Chris Lu - Executive Director

Dan Pfeiffer - Communications Director

Stephanie Cutter - Chief Spokesperson

Cassandra Butts - General Counsel

Jim Messina - Personnel Director

Patrick Gaspard - Associate Personnel Director

Christine Varney - Personnel Counsel

Melody Barnes - Co-Director of Agency Review

Lisa Brown - Co-Director of Agency Review

Phil Schiliro - Director of Congressional Relations

Michael Strautmanis - Director of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs

Katy Kale - Director of Operations

Brad Kiley - Director of Operations

--Seyward Darby