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Wanted: Money

It seems Newt Gingrich is not the only scandal-tossed former GOP leader who's generously offering his services to save the party from its current doldrums. Steve Benen points to a Tom DeLay op-ed in the Washington Times that I missed when it ran last week:

Republicans must come to terms with their organizational shortcomings and finally become again the kind of dynamic political party that won stirring victories in 1994 and 2000. Our party must expand its organization to include our coalition groups in the ways Democrats have with theirs. The Coalition for a Conservative Majority, an organization I helped start in 2006, is trying to pull conservative organizations back together after too many years of internecine squabbling.... Conservatism's leading donors must look beyond contributing only to traditional channels like the RNC or campaign committees, and open up to also funding outside organizations that can do what the Democrats' Shadow Party is already doing. New resources must be tapped, and just as importantly, coordinated.

I mean, honestly, doesn't this kind of political panhandling belong in the classifieds?

--Christopher Orr