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Palin Forever

Back in the Alaska governor's office Friday, Sarah Palin vowed to get back to work for the state:

A lot to do, as every day is a full day here in the governor's office.... It's gonna be busy days here just like it was busy days on the trail, being the governor full-time in addition to being a candidate. Now, of course, we get to concentrate just on one of those.

Yes, but which one? The AP reports that 

[T]he candidate has scheduled a series of national interviews on Fox News Monday night, NBC's "Today" show Tuesday and CNN on Wednesday.

On Thursday, of course, she'll be devoting herself to the state of Alaska in Miami for the Republican Governors Association, where she'll be granting a press avail at 9:40 a.m. and "remarks" for the plenary session at 10:00.

Those of us who complained that the press did not have sufficient access to her during the campaign may wind up eating our words.

--Christopher Orr