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Decline Of The White Truffle

Crude has been heading down, down, down. So far down that many countries which produce it (well, not really produce but export it) are now going into significant deficit because their oil income can not support their life-styles. Or death-styles.  Which means, for example, that Iran probably can no longer afford (which does not yet mean not paying) for its exports of military equipment, military advisers and military advisers to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and other countries and statelets in the Gulf.

According to the Financial Times, the commodity hit a long-time low is white truffle. "White truffle prices tumble as high rollers avoid auction," says the headline over a report by Gwen Robinson from Tokyo. White truffles are not common fare for either middle or lower class folk. So this decline in prices benefits only the rich who like to gorge themselves on truffles.

Caviar is more expensive than ever, however. That's because reaping it from scarce sturgeon is not legal.