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A Gop-msm Rapprochement?

Time's James Poniewozik makes the astute observation that for someone who spent so much time railing against the mainstream media in the run-up to the election, Sarah Palin sure is spending a lot of time giving the dread MSM post-election interviews. Perhaps she realizes that the listening/viewing audiences of Rush and Hannity do not an electoral majority make. (Although they could make up a majority--or at least a plurality--in a 2012 GOP presidential primary, no?)

Similarly, Mark Salter's defense of John McCain's honor was very eloquent (although not always convincing, for the reasons Noam's already noted). But the most interesting thing about it is the publication in which he made it: The Daily Beast, Tina Brown's new site which is written for--and read by--the media elite. I think Salter's will be the first of many efforts by McCain et al to win back his natural base.

--Jason Zengerle