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Hillary At State?

Some questions about the speculation du jour:

--Would Obama really welcome the drama having Clinton in his cabinet would inevitably entail?

--How does John Kerry feel today?

--How many other serious candidates are out there? I don't get the sense that may foreign policy insiders take the idea of Bill Richardson very seriously. Kerry is a possibility but one gets the sense that he's running for it harder than someone with high confidence that he'll get the job.

--How would Joe Biden feel? Presumably he'd feel competitive with a very strong personality at State.

--Would tapping Hillary come with an assurance that Bill would make himself scarce--or that he would put his considerable popularity around the world to work in Obama's name?

--Why is Hillary's foreign policy guru Richard Holbrooke (apparently) out of the Obama loop right now if Hillary herself is a real contender?

--How many other women are in line for top cabinet appointments, and is that a factor here?

Michael Crowley