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Hillary's Revenge

If she does get Secretary of State, she'll be dashing the aspirations of two people who made her perhaps-mythical enemies list during the primaries: John Kerry and Bill Richardson, each of whom endorsed Barack Obama at important moments. Richardson, you may recall, earned a particular loathing in Clintonland after throwing his non-viable Iowa caucus votes to Obama, and then--soon after that weird Super Bowl day photo-op with Bill--officially backing Obama.

Meanwhile, Yglesias is puzzled at the notion of Hillary at State given her sharp foreign policy disagreements with Obama during the primaries. But how sharp were they, really? Obama has conceded that, had he been in the Senate in 2003 and privy to Iraq intelligence, he isn't certain how he would have voted on the war. And while Hillary called direct negotiations with Iran without preconditions "naive and irresponsible," the reality is that's not really Obama's position.

A stint at State, incidentally, would set Hillary up pretty nicely for 2016, if she's interested. (She'll be 69 years old on Election Day of that year.) No longer would people doubt the validity of her "experience."

--Michael Crowley