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Neocons For Clinton

Anyone who thought neocons' love for Hillary Clinton was purely a product of the presidential campaign should read this analysis from the recently-returned-to-the-womb Michael Goldfarb, who makes an atypically smart point about why conservatives might benefit from Hillary going to Foggy Bottom:

Though it would be extremely entertaining, we probably wouldn't see Madame Secretary working to undermine an Obama administration with recalcitrance and rogue diplomacy. But then Colin Powell was a dutiful soldier while inside the Bush administration and that still didn’t prevent him from becoming a foil for the administration’s opponents. It’s not difficult to imagine Clinton performing a similar service for Republicans. She could be held up as the very model of a responsible Democrat, forced against her better judgment to partake in a series of reckless diplomatic escapades pursued by a more ideological president.

Clinton would be a fine Secretary of State, and she is likely to be a nuisance to Obama whether she is inside or outside of his administration, but as our top diplomat she could reprise a role that made Powell a kingmaker in this year’s election. And perhaps she could even present the case for war with Iran to an insubordinate United Nations in the event that Obama's personal diplomacy somehow fails to deter the mullahs from their present course.

Strange bedfellows.

--Jason Zengerle