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Battle Of The Davids

I'd just finished reading David Broder's fairly convincing (not to mention surprising) case against Obama choosing Hillary as Secretary of State in the WaPo, when I turned to Maureen Dowd's NYTimes column, where I found another David making the case for:

“She’s smart and tough, a lot better than any of the old hacks like Holbrooke, Albright, etc.,” says David Geffen. “Barack Obama is going to run policy, and Hillary will be an effective communicator. It also takes Bill out of the game. It completely turns him into an ally — and probably a help to both of them. I think Obama is very smart to get as many smart people into the room as he can, to bring in Rahm and keep Lieberman and get Hillary into the cabinet. It brings an enormous amount of good will his way, and he’s going to need every ounce of it, given the wars and financial catastrophe America is facing. It’s getting bleaker every day. There are many, many, many more bubbles to burst.”

Whose opinion should count more?

--Jason Zengerle