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Bill's Big Mouth

On the question of how much trouble Bill Clinton will cause if Hillary goes to state: I wouldn't be too concerned about it. First of all, I don't expect to see him recklessly shooting off his mouth the way he did during primary season. Back then a unique set of conditions applied. Bill was racing around the campaign trail under high stress, with little sleep, and with people all over TV and the Internet attacking both his wife and his own legacy 24-7. Throw in a cadre of reporters eager for a juicy blog item goading the man and you have a pretty explosive combination. There just won't be nearly as many opportunities for Bill to stick his foot in his mouth.

What about his fundraising and globetrotting? That remains a concern. But you have to think the Obama team is going to lay down some strict ground rules. And as Noam notes, bringing Hillary into the government might be better than having Bill freelance on the outside.

--Michael Crowley