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Mumbai 11/29 News

Indian commandos retook the Taj Mahal hotel, ending the three-day terrorist siege.

The death toll is now at 195, including at least 6 Americans.

Local police claim that only 10 terrorists entered the city to carry out the attacks.

Hotel officials deny earlier reports that the Westerners were singled out and targeted.

Pakistan's foreign minister cut short his four-day visit to the country.

Some U.S. intelligence officials say there's increasing evidence that Pakistani-based Lashkar-e-Taiba was responsible.

Obama called India's Prime Minister yesterday.

Hillary Clinton issued a statement on the attacks, reflecting on the deaths of the Jewish couple from the Chabad community in Crown Heights.

Time examines the roots of Muslim rage in India.

An Indian-American writer explains "what they hate about Mumbai."

Anne Applebaum warns us not to forget the lessons of 9/11.

--Suzy Khimm