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The Mumbai Attacks: A Tnr News Round-up

As terror struck India last week, TNR reached out to a number of reporters, analysts, and writers to get their take on the horrific attacks. Here is a round up of the pieces we've run over the past few days:

Naresh Fernandes, editor of Time Out Mumbaireports the "surreal" scene from the ground in Mumbai and also examines the rich tradition of Jews in India.

Yale University's Nayan Chanda asks, "Can terrorism halt India's global rise?"

Samanth Subramanian, staff writer for Mint in New Dehli, looks at the "changing face" of terrorism in India.

Joshua Kurlantzick looks at what's behind the rise of terrorism in India and why it won't end anytime soon. 

Jason Zengerle examines Pakistan's possible and "troubling" involvement in the terror attacks.

Michael Crowley wonders who will have President Obama's ear on India and explains why an India-Pakistan confrontation would be bad news for America.