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Obama's Goldwater Girl


What a difference a Democratic primary makes. During the 1990s, the Right treated Hillary Clinton like she was, if not the locus of all evil, something just next to it. Now that she's on track to be Obama's Secretary of State, Newt Gingrich is singing her praises and the Weekly Standard is calling her "The Great Right Hope."

What gives? In this web piece, I take a closer look at the phenomenon. Some highlights:

Richard Perle: "On the whole I'm quite pleased. She seems to me quite tough-minded. That's not a worldview, but it is a predisposition.  ... There's not going to be as much change as we were led to believe."

George Shultz: "Obviously you want someone who is, philosophically and politically, reasonably in tune with you. But when you sacrifice the former for the latter, you get in trouble."

John Bolton: "The idea that he'd bring Hillary Clinton in as secretary of state completely confuses me. I don't know how he can get to this from some of the positions he took during campaign. Take the contrast on Iran. How do you bridge those differences?"

--Barron YoungSmith