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The Key To Eliminating Terror In Mumbai: Get The Jews Out Of The West Bank

Yes, once again, the Financial Times, yesterday in its leader, has decided that the key to Mumbai is the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians. It's not the only one, of course. The other is Kashmir. Settle them both, and we will have been provided with the "legitimacy to crush pan-Islamic jihadism." I don't know enough about Kashmir or, for that matter, what the FT thinks about Kashmir. But I do know what the paper thinks about Palestine. The Jews should vacate the West Bank and half of Jerusalem. Just like they did Gaza. And everybody will have peace: the Arabs, the Israelis, and presumably also the Muslims and Hindus of India. Or, at least, the latter two would be on their way to peace.

What happens, by the way, if the Palestinians (and their Hezbollah allies) launch rockets and missiles into Israel proper, say, Tel Aviv and Beersheva? I suppose we could always call in the United Nations whose troops have been patrolling the peaceful Lebanese border for 30 years.

The FT does aver that it would also help if Russia eased up on Chechnya and China on Xinjiang. And if my grandmother had wheels she'd be a pushcart.