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Georgia Went Republican!? Well, Color Me Shocked

 ABC's "The Note" is making a big deal about Obama's coattails not being long enough to help Jim Martin pull out a victory against Saxby Chambliss is Georgia.

I'm sorry, did anyone really expect Martin to win this one? Georgia is, after all, Georgia. Obama only got 47 % of the vote there, and this runoff was only possible because libertarian candidate Allen Buckley and his whopping 3 percent of the vote held Chambliss at an eyelash under 50 percent last time around. This week, Obama wasn't on the ballot. Much of the nation (including, presumably Georgia) is suffering from election fatigue. (Even I wish the folks in my neighborhood would take down their blasted Obama-Biden signs.) And, let's face it, the Democrats' plea for Georgians to turn out and give them a shot at a filibuster-proof Senate margin doesn't pack nearly the terror-inducing motivational juice of Republicans' warning of a Washington controlled 100 percent by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid socialist axis.

 Apparently the folks at ABC had a vastly a more expansive view of Obama's coattails than I.

--Michelle Cottle