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Spooking The Mets

Doubtless, you have read that Citigroup is still having its logo and name put on the new stadium of the New York Mets. This, despite, well, despite everything...Maybe it will spook the Mets. I suspect that Met fans do not like this. After all Citigroup is a loser, a big loser, maybe the biggest loser.

The price tag is $20 million per year. And the contract runs for 20 years. Which comes to $400 million dollars. This will do nothing to ease the nation's economic distress, absolutely nothing.

Actually, it's a financial enormity that the feds are allowing the bank to so waste its money. The "its" being our money, the money of the American people. Shame!

P.S.  The New York Post reported on Wednesday that Citigroup is trying to cut some corners.  It has two of its corporate Dassault Falcon jets on the market.  They are said to be worth about $50 million.  That is, if the jet market has not also tanked.