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Annals Of Infighting, Gop Edition

I got the same mass e-mail Ben Smith did, in which a fellow Michigan Republican colorfully bashes Michigan GOP chair Saul Anuzis, one of the candidates for the hotly-contested RNC chair post:

If you believe the future of the GOP is in building a grassroots organization and utilizing volunteers, then Saul Anuzis will not be your choice for the RNC Chair.  ... At one of the quarterly meetings of the state committee, Saul saw a group of my volunteers having dinner at a local restaurant. He gathered up empty beer bottles at a nearby table, brought them to the table where my volunteers were sitting, placed them on the table and told the volunteers that perhaps they should collect the deposit money to help raise money for the campaign.

Ouch. For a good primer on the race for RNC chair -- which'll give us some clues to who's inheriting the broken GOP -- check out the Fix.

--Eve Fairbanks