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Mc Rove Insists It's All About The Benjamins

 I know this has been addressed may times, but why is it that, when Republicans wildly outspend Dems and win a race, it's always considered a Victory of Ideas, but when Dems manage to do the same, it's all about the money? Here's the lead of Karl Rove's WSJ column:

“If money talks, we'll likely soon hear the real reason why Barack Obama beat John McCain. Both men and the national parties will report to the Federal Election Commission today how much money they raised in October and November. And what the numbers will probably show is that Mr. Obama outspent Mr. McCain by the biggest margin in history, perhaps a quarter of a billion dollars.” 

And his conclusion:

“Rather than showing the success of a new style of post-partisan politics, Mr. Obama's victory may show the enduring truth of the old Chicago Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules.”

Maybe. But it sure didn't hurt that the GOP fielded a weak ticket, ran a piss-poor campaign, and had zero constructive ideas. 

And now, just because I can't resist:


--Michelle Cottle