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Some Better News From India: Mumbai Muslims Condemn The Terrorism Of Their Brethren

No, not all the Muslims of Mumbai. But enough to take notice. And among them elements of the Bollywood elite and city merchants, religious students and the working poor.

They came not only to disassociate but to reproach and decry. The report is by Robert Worth in the Times on-line today: "Muslims in India Put Aside Grievances to Repudiate Terrorism." This is not a first in the bitter experience of civilized and innocent to disavow and separate themselves from those who kill--and kill at random. But it is also not merely just another condemnation among many.

In fact, it shows that India has a message of hope across the sectarian lines of hatred.

Maybe someday the Shi'a of Iraq and the Sunnis of Iraq will demonstrate against their own for murdering their neighbor who hails from the other.
Maybe, in fact, someday, British Muslims and American Muslims will separate themselves from their own who kill en masse and at random.