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Ignatieff To Lead Canada's Liberal Party?

For over 30 years, former Harvard professor, award-winning author, and member of the Canadian Parliament Michael Ignatieff has been writing for TNR. And as of today, he's the leading candidate to take the reins of Canada's Liberal Party, which would put him in line to possibly become the next Prime Minister. It seems like a good time, then, to review some of his magazine pieces from over the years:

Ignatieff on crime and the pursuit of justice: "Punishing Criminals: Concerning A Very Old And Painful Question" (5/22/76)

On the making of modern liberalism: "Liberalism Restored" (3/25/85) 

On the decline of the Labour Party in Great Britain: "Suburbia's Revenge" (5/4/92)

On the legacy of Karl Marx: "Alienated Labor" (2/5/96)

On the tradition of martyrdom, morality, and scandal: "The Scandal of Certainty" (9/22/97)

On communism in the 20th century: "The End of an Error" (8/9/99)

On genocide and the danger of a "world without enemies": "Lemkin's Word" (2/26/01)

On how to try Slobodan Milosevic: "We Are Not The World" (8/31/01)

On the use of torture in terrorist interrogations: "The Torture Wars" (4/22/02)

On trying to understand genocide: "The Death That Will Not Die" (10/8/07)

On international intervention in cases of genocide: "The Duty To Rescue" (9/24/08)