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Dear Blago

Matt Cooper, who's had his own dealings with Patrick Fitzgerald, offers Blago some advice:

I'd shoot for the minimum security and seven years in prison. You can argue that you won't really be safe in anything tougher and that argument might appeal to Fitzy.

Contrition is key here. This is a guy who went to the best parochial school in New York and like those tough Jesuits who taught him, he can smell a liar. If you beg for mercy, you might get it. (Of course, if this is all a big misunderstanding and you were just shooting the bull with your pals, then, hey, fight like hell.)

One thing I would not do is appoint yourself or someone to the Senate while you still can. It might be tempting to name yourself a Senator on the same day you get indicted but the Senate surely won't seat you and you'll only inflame Fitzgerald. I'd tell him and the public sooner rather than later that because of the controversy you're not going to name anyone.

I wonder if Conrad Black and Scooter Libby have any thoughts.

--Jason Zengerle