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Transition News 12/10

NYT says Obama's push to get a state ethics bill passed helped bring down Blagojevich.

Lynn Sweet says Blago won't get to pick Obama's successor now, thanks to the Illinois General Assembly and, possibly, Harry Reid.  

Politico says the Blago scandal is a "stink bomb" for Obama.  

John Dickerson at Slate says Obama was way too vague in his Blago comments.  

Evidence shows that Obama's massive public works proposal might not help the economy.  

Obama wants to change America's image in the Muslim world--and he will say his middle name, Hussein, at the inauguration.  

Why F-22 fighter jets could be a thorn in Obama's side.  

Jimmy Carter explains how the U.S. can reclaim its moral authority under Obama.  

Condoleezza Rice says Clinton will be "great" at State.  

CNN describes the myth of Eric Shinseki.

UPDATE: Politico reports that Carol Browner will be the new energy czar.

--Seyward Darby