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Joe The Ingrate

Thanks to John McCain's invocation of "Joe the Plumber" nine times in the third presidential debate, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher now has a website, an upcoming book (Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream), a group trying to draft him for Congress, dreams of a country music career, and God knows what else in the works. How to express his boundless gratitude?

Evidently by telling Glenn Beck that when he travelled with McCain he was "appalled" by the candidate's answers to Joe's rigorous questioning of the bailout deal (he is notably shy about the details of said interrogation) and felt "dirty" afterward. He went on to describe McCain as the "lesser of two evils," noting that when "you compromised your principles, compromised your values... you're no longer your own man."

He does, however, love Sarah Palin, calling her "absolutely the real deal." It's all relative, I suppose.

(via Politico)

--Christopher Orr