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Obama As High School Taunt

Via Ben Smith, the City Paper reports:

On Saturday, Maret’s basketball boys were leading Sidwell Friends on the road when the home crowd taunted the visitors with a chant ripped from the headlines:

“The Sidwell kids started yelling ‘O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!’ at us,” a Maret parent who attended the game tells me.

I have to say, that's an improvement over what the Sidwell kids used to yell when my jocky boy school's basketball team was thrashing them on the court. Back then, they'd just chant: "S-A-T! S-A-T! S-A-T!" To which we'd chant back "Scoreboard!" or, sometimes if we were feeling really witty, "Arts & Crafts!" Ahh, D.C. private schools. Let's just hope Malia and Sasha come out okay on the other side of them.

--Jason Zengerle