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Yes, we have another film about Che. And, of course, it is called Che.  By Steven Soderbergh, it is four hours long. So how can it not be important? Actually, the movie will be cut in two when it goes out for commercial distribution. After all, those millions the producers hope to watch it will not have been trained to to listen four hour harangues by Fidel.

Peter Aspden in the FT of December 13 says he loves Che..."just a hard-working soldier with the strongest possible belief in his view of social justice." If this is what it is, this abominable lie, what's there to love?  Another historical falsehood put forward by people whose eyes dew up by mass cruelty.

Actually, the world has made its judgement. Fidel's brother runs to Venezuela for succor. And, as Aspden puts it, "We were left only with the T-shirts."