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Transition News 12/15

Illinois voters might get to fill Obama's Senate seat.

What spouses' ties to lobbying mean for members of Obama's administration--and why his anti-lobbying effort will fail.

Politico examines the controversies surrounding Obama's EPA pick Lisa Jackson.

Tension between the transition and NASA continues.

Why Obama's New Deal should be an international one.

Some scholars explain why Obama is no Lincoln.

Obama's transition approval ratings are sky-high, even as the economy falters.

Former Defense official says Shinseki was a "hero in a legend that has little basis in fact."

Why Obama should look outside D.C. to succeed inside the Beltway.

The inauguration could wreak havoc on the D.C. transit system.

For Jan. 20, D.C. will balance celebration with economic realities.

--Seyward Darby