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Transition News 12/17

Sources tell the Chicago Sun-Times that Emanuel urged Blago's people to pick Jarrett for Obama's Senate seat. 

Obama is Time's Person of the Year. 

Obama energizes supporters of early childhood education

Offering guidance in a (hypothetical) storm, Bush prepares crisis plans for Obama.

Bush's HUD secretary blames Congress for mortgage failings. 

Why Dems are hurrying to find a Salazar replacement in Colorado.

Missouri Congressman Cleaver says African Americans should lower their expectations of Obama.

Ezra Klein has doubts about Vilsack as agriculture secretary.

Becerra tells LA Opinion he won't take trade rep job.

British forces will leave Iraq by May 31.

Some Obama supporters say, Make the e-mails stop!

Bill Clinton's personal secretary joins the Obama team.

The New Yorker traces Caroline Kennedy's history in its pages.

Who'll be next on Obama's team of hoop ballers?

--Seyward Darby