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What Does The Bride Say?

The Associated Press reports that Ahmad Salim Judeh, the 75 year old head of a Palestinian clan has offered up one of his eligible daughters as a bride for Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush on his trip to Baghdad.

As luck would have it, al-Zeidi is already married.  But that's no impediment in the Arab which allows men to have four wives. The news report doesn't tell us what Judeh's daughter feels about this nuptial.

In any case, the shoe heaver is in jail: some say beaten by the police, some say not.  He will probably be tried for insulting a foreign leader.

The Judeh clan not only has spare daughters but also spare cash.  It has offered $30,000 for al-Zeidi's legal defense.

Oh, how progressive Palestinian society is.