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Weighing 'seven Pounds'

There I was, all ready to begin a blog post, "The sun rose in the East this morning, and Will Smith's Seven Pounds dominated the weekend box office..." when the unthinkable occurred: Seven Pounds opened at number two (behind Jim Carrey's Yes Man) with just $16 million in receipts, breaking a remarkable string of eight straight Smith films (going back to MIB II) that opened at number one. I'm now a little fearful about the Earth's continued rotation.

Those who read my review last week will recall that, like most critics, I was not a fan of Seven Pounds. (Anyone who missed it should take a look at A.O. Scott's hilarious tour de force here.) In keeping with tradition I did not, however, give away the twist ending that, for me, took the film from merely bad to morally appalling. Several readers have requested such a spoiler, though, so for the benefit of the morbidly curious I've now placed one in comments for the original review here. (It's about 20 comments in.) You've been forewarned.

--Christopher Orr