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Philip Seymour Gergen?

Philip Seymour Hoffman is already my favorite actor, but if he keeps this up, he might become my favorite pundit as well. Here's one of his quotes from yesterday's NYT Magazine profile of him:

Iago is a military guy, and I like the idea of him being a general like Wesley Clark, who has accomplished so much in an arena where there’s death and, suddenly, he walks into a nonmilitary world, and he’s no longer the guy he thinks he deserves to be.

As someone who's been puzzled by Clark--and his failures in the political arena--I don't think I've encountered a better (not to mention succinct) explanation of what went wrong for him. Alas, Hoffman goes on compare Obama to Othello, which strikes me as a bit less, uh, insightful. But how many pundits bat even .500? If Hoffman ever gets tired of acting (and let's hope he doesn't), I think we know his fallback career.

--Jason Zengerle