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Kinsley On Caroline

Michael Kinsley makes the case against the case against Caroline in this blog item. I think he effectively rebuts himself with his "to be sure" graf (I guess that would be the case against the case against the case against Caroline), but it's about the strongest case that can be made on her behalf.

In general, I'm not compelled by arguments that take the form: "You weren't upset when X or Y did it, why get upset when Z does it?" which describe's Kinsley's. Sometimes Z is an especially egregious case, which clarifies your thinking and makes you realize you should have been much more exercised over X and Y than you were at the time.  

Also, Kinsley writes that, "In fact, it is precisely the fear that she would be a formidable candidate, likely to be elected again and again, that is driving Republicans to gin up a phony issue and bully New York Gov. David Patterson [sic] out of appointing her," which doesn't in any way describe my opposition to her.

--Noam Scheiber