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A Tnr Holiday: War On Christmas!

T.A. Frank issues a (satiric) memo from the Democratic National Committee regarding the important subject of how Democrats can best wage war on Christmas:

While our base strongly supports the war on Christians, polling numbers suggest that we're losing independent voters. We believe the key to gains in 2006 is to demonstrate a love of Yuletide that is resolute, patriotic, and gritty. Democrats cannot afford to look weak or vacillating, so we suggest action in the following areas:

Produce Precious Moments-style Nativity scenes with figurines of leading Democrats. Wise men should include Tom Vilsack and Ken Salazar. The baby Jesus should resemble Barbara Boxer.

Highlight the neglectful environmental stewardship of Republicans by focusing on the threat faced by the woodland elf. Also, befriend group of elves and, if possible, train to serve as communications staff for Howard Dean.

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