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Best Of Tnr 2008: The Bromantic Comedy That Is John Mccain And Lindsey Graham

Eve Fairbanks examines the "bromantic" relationship between John McCain and side-kick Senator Lindsey Graham, one that includes bird-watching, a yen for Indiana Jones films, and stays (for Graham) in the "mermaid-themed bedroom" of McCain's youngest daughter:

Not every U.S. senator who advises the GOP's presidential nominee on Iraq policy gets to see the side of McCain that likes to run after animals. But the 53-year-old Graham has a special place in McCain's campaign: top surrogate, but also inseparable foil. Graham has not only gone on--in the past month alone--CNN, ‘Face the Nation,' ‘Hannity & Colmes,' ‘Today,' and ‘Fox News Sunday' to press the McCain campaign's tactical interests, but he also talks with McCain on the phone about three times a day, oftentimes just to say hi. En route to Savannah (a rare trip away from McCain's side), Graham managed to squeeze in a short call between wheels-down and deplaning. Walking down the jetway after the flight, he waved to me, smiled, and held up his cell phone: ‘That was John, right there!'

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