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Ahmadinejad's Christmas Message: What A Hoot!

There's Christmas. And Hanukah. And Kwaanza. And the Muslims have just recently celebrated one of their big holidays. And soon there'll be the
Orthodox Christmas. Everybody gets a shot around the New Year.

But the British media class never gets enough diversity.  And it especially never gets enough of Islam.  But it has always had more than enough of
Queen Elizabeth. So British Channel 4 is countering Her Majesty's Christmas message with one from Dr. A'jad. You can read about it in a
report in the New York Times of December 24.

A Christmas message from President Ahmadinejad. What a hoot! Oh, so jolly. 

PS: And, here from the Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA), are some responses to the Iranian president's Father Christmas address.