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The Wsj Wishes Some Voodoo On Harry Reid

I see the Wall Street Journal's hawking the Harry-Reid-could-be-toast-in-2010 idea, dubbing him "perhaps the most-vulnerable Democrat who will face re-election" and, laughably, describing his race as "uphill." (The death-of-Reid story is also the most read on the WSJ's website right now -- the wish is father to the thought?)

It's a dramatic storyline, yeah, but I suspect Byron Dorgan, Patty Murray, Blanche Lincoln, or hell, even Ron Wyden are likelier to lose in 2010 than Reid -- which is to say, Reid isn't going anywhere. His approval ratings might not be sky-high, but at least he isn't under indictment, as his announced opponent is. Just how bad is the condition of the Nevada GOP? Well, the party recently closed its Las Vegas headquarters -- and its Executive Director is moving back in to his parents' basement.

--Eve Fairbanks