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Mirage In The Middle East

You'll have to indulge me.  Of course, you can stop reading me.  Otherwise, you'll be reading a lot about Gaza.  This is fair warning. Of course, you've been reading about Gaza elsewhere, in venues that fail to see the obvious.  For example, that Hamas wanted a war with Israel...or that Hamas was more deranged than I ever thought.

Actually, Israel has come off better in the press than I had thought possible.  And even better among the Arabs and Muslims in the world than I would have ever imagined.  Yes, five hundred protestors in Paris; a thousand in London; a suicide bomber killed a score of his fellow Iraqi in a protest against the Israeli action against Hamas.  Very clever, this.

In any event, one of the commentators I truly trust has a more grim view of the world's response to the Israeli retaliation in Gaza than I do. 

What makes Martin Kramer's period blog, "Sandbox," so compelling is his mastery of the history of the conflict.  Of course, he's one of the great scholars of the conflict.  So no surprise. 

He examines the two Bushes and Israel.  The first, we all know about it.  Jews irritated him.  They did not irritate the son who, I believe, recognized first principles.  And the first is that it is very difficult to make peace between two parties when one of them clearly does not want peace.  In other words, one of the parties -in this case, Hamas- does not want peace at all.  This cannot be clearer.  Here is Kramer's latest contribution to the discussion.  I've alluded to his writings several times in the past.