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Arabs Killing Arabs

This is not a rare phenomenon.  It is, in fact, a common phenomenon, within borders, especially, but across borders frequently.  Very frequently. 

Hamas rockets killed three Israelis today in the south of the country. One was a male soldier. Another was a woman civilian. These hits were at the end of the day.  Earlier on Monday, the missilery of the pious Gaza Muslims killed another Muslim, a 27-year old Bedouin Arab named Hani al-Mahdi from the town of Aroer. I wonder what, from the theological point of view, is al-Mahdi's fate  in heaven. He worked in Israeli construction projects. Is he a martyr or a villain? Who knows?  Don't you have to want to be a martyr? He certainly didn't. Fourteen others were injured in the assault on Ashkelon, all of them from two Arab towns, Rahat and Manda. Of course, Hamas rarely targets its victims. Anyone's blood will do.

There are many ironies in this war of steel and nerves. One is that most of the Arab countries that are right now criticizing Israel for its Gaza expedition actually want Israel to thrash the enrag