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Hillary V. Caroline

Yesterday Page Six reported that Hillary Clinton returned a $2,300 contribution from Caroline Kennedy after the latter endorsed Barack Obama in the primaries. Had we known this? I didn't. (Assuming it's accurate, a necessary caveat when it comes to Page Six. Update: Ben confirms it via Open Secrets, which I should've done myself.)

Update II: More from Ben:

Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines says Kennedy's $2,300 contribution was returned because it was a general election contribution, not out of pique. He says Kennedy and her husband each gave $4600 to Clinton's presidential campaign, the second half of which was a general election contribution. (The FEC and OpenSecrets databases for some reason don't reflect the second $2,400, but this FEC page does.)

Reines adds that I'm a "MORON." Seems stressful over there.

Meanwhile yesterday I stumbled onto this 1981 People cover story on the young Caroline and her brother, detailing her brief aspiration to be a photojournalist and short stint as a copy girl at the New York Daily News (as well as various romantic entanglements, of course).

--Michael Crowley